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Our mission is to help care providers, managers, and advisers comply with regulations so you can run your care service effectively and deliver outstanding care.

Every day, Care-inform supports thousands of care homes and domiciliary support services in the running of their organisations.

We’re also experts in human resources, health & safety and a wide range of other sectors, delivering you online, actionable information.

Through tools like our CQC Inspection Audit Tool and model policies, we give you the essentials you need for your important care inspections so you can get on with what you do best—caring.

Our clients rely on Care-inform to ensure compliance and reduce risk—whether that’s through our expert guides, hundreds of model policies, CQC Inspection Audit Tool, staff training modules, or care helpline.

In a world where information is available to all, instantaneously, we offer quality, reliable guidance, written and created for you by real care experts.

The ways care providers access, interpret and use information is changing, and Care-inform is changing too, ensuring we remain the natural choice for your information needs.

Care-inform is designed to help you apply the information you need in your own work, so you can learn, plan and act. With Care-inform, you can optimise both your own performance and that of your care service.

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